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" MONICA " –  synonym for performance, originality, uniqueness and quality.

Taking into account all these attributes today our company is one of the most successful in the textile industry in our country scoring high performance reaching their own models of domestic and foreign markets.

Thirty years of successful work in the production of various types of clothing and of course the recognizable jeans.

Around those thirty years " Monica " day by day gradually update whit full automatic high technology for sewing, washing, drying and any kind of processing jeans. The whole production plant is brought to level of perfection, modernity and contemporaneity. As a result bear the epithet best in our area of work. Integral part of our company  are several sale markets in major cities in Macedonia that excellent place our models.

 Enthusiasm and ideals for further and even greater progress in our firm are very large. All   this holds  " Monica " on the throne among the most successful.

Owned  by  family  Dimoski  that the textile production is inseparable part of their life and thanks to successful co-working team  " Monica " is unbreakable connection of performance, quality and modern way of working. One sentence said : Monica is company that was, is and will remain the best.

 Monica is also in a collaboration whit world famous brands.  In the loan system  of  work , the high quality of construction , the high and the latest technology  produced the famous brands like : Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg , Cianfranco Ferre, Moschino, Donna Karan (DKNY) etc.
For their own brand   LDB  is also used best quality materials from EU countries as Italy, Greece etc. Production is of nigh quality and whit own designers.

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